Student Mentoring & Student Publishing


Marco De Oliveira: “Basho in Brazil: Zen and the Art of Concrete Poetry, forthcoming in Comparative Litearture (2015). Based on Independent Study work.

Amanda Marie Kubic: “A New Frankenstein: The Green Butchers & the Vegetarian Man” forthcoming in MOSAIC (2015). Based on final paper from CMPL 255H. 

Clyde Ray: “Uncommon Prudence: Resisting Temptation in Sense and Sensibility.” Persuasions On-Line (December 16, 2012; from CMPL 492 Global Jane Austen).

Lauren Du Graf: won the American Comparative Literature Association’s A. Owen Aldridge Prize for an Outstanding Essay by a Graduate Student. Lauren’s essay “’Droits d’auteur’: The Faulknerian Author-Function in Godard’s Film Socialisme” (my advisee). The article was published in Comparative Literature (2014).

Rebecca Kirk, “Hungry for Love: Domesticity, Cosmopolitanism, and Food in the Short Fiction of Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto”, accepted for publication in The Virginia Review of Asian Studies (forthcoming 2014; paper written in CMPL 255H course, The Feast in Film, Philosophy, and Fiction).

Emily Palmer: received a SURF grant to study Jane Austen Landscapes in Englandand published her work in Passport magazine. She presented her work to the Jane Austen Society of North America (North Carolina chapter) in 2014. (Project begun in CMPL 250, Global Jane Austen).

Caroline Margaret Kirby: received a Fulbright 2012-2013 to continue her renaissance Franco-Arabic studies in Switzerland (based on an independent study course and honors thesis, both of which I directed); I also supervised a SURF grant on Memorializing War and Defeat, which she completed in New York and Paris, 2012, described at Now a finalist for the Marshall Sholarship.

Zeke Saber: SURF grant, “Strangers in a Strange Land: East of Eden,” enabled him to study contemporary perceptions of Chinatowns in Steinbeck’s novel, film, and archives, as well as in contemporary imagery in California’s Chinatown advertising.   He presented his findings in May 2013 to the International John Steinbeck Society. The study was based on a paper her wrote for my CMPL 493, East-West Cross-currents. Zeke is now applying to pursue a graduate degree in Film Studies.

Amanda Marie Kubic: ‪“Mansfield Park and Metropolitan: Austen’s Morality in Whit Stillman’s Modern World” published in Persuasions On-Line 34.1, Winter, 2013 (written for CMPL 250H, Global Jane Austen).

Cassie Perez: presented paper at a Pride and Prejudice Conference being held at Cambridge University (June, 2013; based on first-year seminar ENGL 134, Jane Austen Then and Now).

Tiffany Johnson: “Chalk Dreams: The Use of Fantasy as a Method of Rethinking Life in Ali Zaoua ” in Student Pulse Journal: (Fall, 2012; written for CMPL 500, Senior Seminar).

Caitlin Nettleton: “Edible Women in Atwood and Flaubert” won Best Undergraduate Paper, UNC Food Cultures Symposium (March, 2011; Developed from CMPL 255H course, The Feast in Film, Philosophy, and Fiction)

Elizabeth Catherine Benninger: “Reliving Ancient Greece in Antarctica: Myth and Politics in Oresteia and Orestiada de los pingüinos,” inner of the Comparative Literature best paper written by an undergraduate (2011; composed for CMPL 250 course Approaches to Comparative Literature).

Paul Worley: “The Self-Made Modern Man: Japanese and Mexican Perspectives on Responses to Modernization” won best graduate student paper at Aesthetics of Nirvana conference; published in Southern Japanese Studies (2008; based on independent study course).

Aya Satoh: “Caught Between Old and New: The Changing Face of Marriage in Austen and Tanizaki,” published in Persuasions Online, 2008 (28:2); written for CMPL 255, Global Jane Austen).

B.A. Honors Theses in Comparative Literature (and other fields):

  • Katelyn Harris (Asian Studies), “Detectives and Authority Figures from Les Miserables to Japanese Anime” (Director, 2014-2015)
  • Isabel Blue (English), “’In Luscious Phrases Painted’: Composing Figures and Countenancing Fiction in Novels of Jane Austen” (Director, 2012-2013)
  • Rebecca Rohrer (Anthropology), “ “ (Reader, 2012-2013)
  • Jennifer Christine Chapman, “Re-Writing the Sea: Virginia Woolf and Marguerite Duras” (Reader, 2012-2013)
  • Arielle Charleen Thomas, “Edible Emma: Manners, Civility, and Food in Jane Austen’s Emma and Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary” (Reader, 2011-2012)
  • Caroline Margaret Kirby “The Power Play of Court Life: Authority, Art, and Literature in the 16-th century French and Ottoman Courts (Director, 2011-2012)
  • Sarah Elizabeth Morris, “Spectacular Women: A Comparative Study of Women and Spectacle in Gigi and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (Director, 2011-2012)
  • Elizabeth Catherine Benninger, “Interpreting the Present through the Past: Queer Adaptation of Greek Tragedy in Cherríe Moraga’s The Hungry Woman, Virgilio Piñera’s Electra Garrigó, and Ramón J. Sender’s Orestíada de los pinguinos” (Reader, 2011-2012)
  • Rachel Horres, “The Postcolonial Narrative in Jorge Luis Borges’ Ficciones and José Clemente Orozco’s The Epic of American civilization” (Director, 2010-2011)
  • Corynn Loebs, “Architectures of Insubordination in Edmundo Desnoes’ Memorias del subdesarollo, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo, and Clarice Lispector’s A paixão segundo G. H. (Director, 2010-2011)
  • Bill Dworsky “Uncertainty Under the Sea: A Motif Motivating Heroism in the Aeneid and Moby Dick” (Director, 2009- 2010)
  • David Van Dokkum, “Soundscapes and Sound Theory in Mann, Woolf, and Von Oosteijen” (Director, 2009- 2010)
  • Thomas Brenton McElwee, Jr., “Cultural Tourism and Tragic Pleasure: Uncovering the Appeal of the Tango and the Blues” (Director, 2008-2009)
  • Mary Elizabeth Borgo, “Rapier Wit: (S)wordplay in Early Modern European Comedy and Material Culture” (Director, 2008-2009)
  • John Wilcox Meyers, “Connecting Through Trust: Practical and Literary Experiences of Doctor-Patient Interactions” (Reader, 2008- 2009)
  • Stanton Kidd: “Against the Tyranny of Rationalism: Using Reason Against Reason in Giambattista Vico and Søren Kierkegaard” (Director, 2007- 2008)
  • Katie Lawson: “Anne of Green Gables: Romanticizing and Constraining Girlhood in North America and Japan” (Reader, 2007-2008)
  • Tabitha Disher: “Drumming up Memories: Percussion and Post-War Trauma in Borchert, Dazai, Grass, and Kurosawa” (Director, 2007- 2008)
  • Alex Creticos: “In Search of the Fourth Dimension: Hyperspace Philosophy in Early Surrealist Thought” (Reader, 2006-2007).
  • Lisa Swanson: The Anxious Sage: J. D. Salinger’s Misappropriation of Daoist and Chan Buddhist Traditions in the Glass Stories (Reader, 2005-2006).
  • Aya Satoh: “Lost in a Wonderland of Jazz: Alienation, Improvisation and Originality in the Works of Jack Kerouac and Haruki Murakami” (Director, 2005- 2006).
  • Sarah Pickle: “Quotidian Dissent: the Agency of Everyday Distinctions in Liu Heng’s Black Snow and the poetry of Prenzlauer Berg” (Reader, 2004-2005).
  • Jennifer Mehram: “Ethics of the Outsider in Dostoevsky, Camus, and O’Connor” (Director, 2004-2005).

M.A. Thesis Committees:

  • Jeff Russell: “Transcending the limits of language: The Buddhist Aesthetic of Gary Snyder”
  • Helen Shin: “The Theme of Loss and Restoration/ Salvation in the Fictions of Haruki Murakami and Paul Auster”

Vida Grubisha Muse: “Orientalism and the Woman Travel Writer: Sophia Lane Poole and Ida Saint-Elme” (April, 2004)

Ph.D. Exam Committee:

  • Rae Yan (Spring, 2015)
  • Lauren Du Graf (Spring, 2013, Chair)
  • Jena Al-Fuhaid (Fall, 2012)
  • Laurel Foote-Hudson (Fall, 2012)
  • Adair Rispoli (Spring, 2011)
  • Donato Fhunshu (Spring, 2007)

Ph.D. Thesis Committees:

  • Lauren Du Graf (expected completion May, 2016; Director)
  • Rae Yan (ongoing)
  • Jena Al-Fuhaid (completed May, 2014).
  • Laurel Foote-Hudson (ongoing)
  • Samantha Riley (completed May, 2013).
  • Adair Rispoli (completed February, 2013).
  • David Phillips (completed October, 2012).
  • Jennifer Flaherty: “Subversive Shakespeare: Political, Social, and Theatrical Transformation in Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Plays” (completed May, 2010).
  • Sonia Aguilar. “Pirandello’s Enrico IV” (completed August 2003).
  • Brenda Risch: “Portrayal of Fat Women in Twentieth-Century Cinema” (completed April, 2003)


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